Tinkerlust x Googaga MOMS101: The Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Posted on 25 January 2018

Tinkerlust x Googaga MOMS101: The Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Jakarta, 23rd December 2018 – Tinkerlust x Googaga MOMS101: The Art of Delcuttering and Organizing. Yesterday, Tinkerlust and Googaga held the event MOMS101 at Brood en Boter, South Jakarta. The event was presented for moms and aims to enlighten them about The Art of Decluttering and Organizing topic from Marie Kondo's book. The topic was chosen due to the importance of it in every mom's life.

Together with Googaga, a marketplace for various children and family's activities such as seminars, workshops, event and fun places for family and children, this month's MOMS101 invited three inspiring ladies as our guest speakers. They are Andra Alodita (beauty and lifestyle blogger), Annisa Kuntadi (CEO and Co-Founder of Googaga), and Aliya Amitra (COO and Co-Founder of Tinkerlust) . \n As we know, being a mom is a full time job, from taking care of every member in the family to taking care of the house. That's why at MOMS101, we held a sharing session about the tips and tricks both from the guest speakers and the attendees about how to apply the decluttering and organizing in their daily-life.

The event was opened with a brief introduction about Tinkerlust and MOMS101 given by Samira Shihab, Tinkerlust's CEO and Co-Founder, and was closed by a special activity session given by Konmari Indonesia to teach the attendees about the Konmari Method - a new approach developed by Marie Kondo to decluttering based on Japanese values in order to surround yourself with items that spark joy. \n MOMS101 was held successfully with the help from our sponsors: Wardah (@wardahbeauty), Menthilis (@menthilis), Playship by Hoopla (@playshipbyhoopla), Konmari Indonesia and Kicau Kecil (@kicaukecil).

Lastly, we would like to say thank you to Googaga, all the attendees and to our sponsors for making this MOMS101 event happen. Hopefully we all found the event helpful and informative. See you in the next Tinkerlust's event!

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