10 Signs You’re An Online Shopaholic

Posted on 23 August 2017

10 Signs You’re An Online Shopaholic

Nowadays, online businesses seem to know exactly what we want and how to lure us to their shopping carts. That cute pair of shoes you looked at last week pops up in the corner of your screen and you can help but click on it. Big thanks to personalized marketing. The average woman is very addicted to online shopping these days. Because you need something, but sometimes also to spoil yourself if you had a tough week or maybe you just want to spend your money to spend it, no matter on what. It's okay as you're not the only one! \n It's obvious that we, women, just can't stand the urge to shop, oh well a little more than we actually need, sometimes. However, online shopping can become a problem when it has become an addiction to women. Sometimes (or often), we women want to buy more to experience that adrenaline boost again and get withdrawal symptoms when we haven't bought something in a very long time; we lose control over buying, an online shopaholic they said.

There's nothing wrong with shopping once in a while, but if your life starts to be all about doing purchases and shopping becomes an obsession, it might mean that you're an online shop addict. Shopping addiction is often strongly related to symptoms of fear, depression and a low self-esteem, and shopping can be done to escape from, or dealing with such emotions. However, a shopping addiction can also lead to these symptoms. \n \n There are several symptoms to recognize if you're a shopaholic. You definitely have an online shopping addiction if you: \n \n 1. Are constantly thinking about online shopping and buying new things. \n 2. Go online shopping to change your mood, because you want to make yourself feel better. \n 3. Shop or buy online so much that it influences your duties in daily life, like work or school. \n 4. Become more tens before you buy something online. \n 5. Have a feeling of relief and a rush of excitement after you bought something online. \n 6. Have problems in your life as a result of overspending on the web. Online shopping has harmed your personal relationships, work, or financial situation. \n 7. Shop online as a reaction to feeling angry, lonely, anxious, depressed or disappointed. \n 8. Buy unnecessary items online. You buy things that you never end up using or wearing. \n 9. Experience a strong urge to buy. You sometimes feel that something inside of you \n 10. You added some items to your shopping cart while reading this article. Oh, oh…

Maybe you recognized yourself in this article. If so, make sure your shopping habit doesn't go out-of-hand! It isn't fun to feel out of control about shopping too much. It's possible that you end up distancing yourself from your loved ones. Shopping addiction can not only lead to social problems, but also financial problems. Eventually, you find yourself buying things that are useless. There are some alternatives to change your shopping habits: \n \n 1. Identify triggers: take note of what makes you visit online shops. It could be an argument with one of your loved ones or frustration at work, for example. When these situations occur, do everything to stop yourself from shopping and find a healthier way to work it out. \n 2. Find a new activity: reading, exercising, playing or listening to music, watching more TV or something else. Any of these activities could be a substitution of shopping and would be much more friendly to your wallet. \n 3. Remove temptation: make it tough for yourself to do purchases. Avoid browsing through your favorite online shops. \n 4. Take note of your purchases: Keep up a list of your purchases. Write down al your purchases with the price and reason. In that way, you become aware of what you buy and the underlying reason. \n 5. Ask for help: if your shopping habits get to the point that it's unhealthy, don't be restrained to ask for help. You can read self-help books, ask friend or relatives to support you, or look for professional help.

After reading this article, we hope that you do remember that every problem comes with a solution. Shopping online is easy and fast, it is good to do once or twice or thrice in a while, but make sure that it doesn't disturb or affect your personal life. It should be something like a treat instead of a stress reliever.  Be a healthy shopper, ladies!

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